The Conscious Nurse Project is a mentored, research-based workshop created to support nurses. A foundational course, it introduces basic concepts of holistic health and holistic self-care. Designed for on-line delivery, this program is now also available in-person on site at Sage River Wellness.

The main objective of The Conscious Nurse Project is to support and mentor nurses in embodying holistic self-care by introducing basic holistic self-care concepts and self-assessment. The goal is also to create self-care plans that are individualized and effective.

The Conscious Nurse Project is designed to bring active awareness to all aspects of being and provide practical ways to integrate self-care to support nurses’ health and practice. Its flexible, mentored format ensures that existing practices and beliefs are honored, and that nurses are fully supported to co-create a sustainable self-care plan.

One on One

Choose from 3 or 5 hrs of mentored instruction. Each includes two 30 min mentoring sessions after completion.

For Groups

Groups may include between three to  five individuals. Choose from 3 or 5 hrs of mentored instruction.

For Employers

Support your staff with 1:1 sessions or as your own group. Groups include between three to five individuals.

As the Conscious Nurse Project  pledges to uphold and uplift the voice and values of our nurses, so do we pledge our commitment to upholding healthy relationships, ethics, protocols, traditional knowledge, and cultural practices that reflect and pay tribute to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

Not a Nurse?

Curious whether the Conscious Nurse Project can support you or your staff? We’d be happy to answer your questions: CONTACT