3 Session Package Syllabus

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Weekly Learning Resources

The Conscious Nurse Project: Week 1

Week 1

Intro to Holistic Self-care

Holistic Self-Assessment

Guided body scan

Nervous system self-regulation

The Conscious Nurse Project: Week 2

Week 2

Holistic Self-care Planning

Internal & External Resources

Grounding & Breath

Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness

The Conscious Nurse Project: Week 3

Week 3

Implementing & Evaluating You Holistic Self-care Plan

Creating Sacred Space


Course Evaluation


The purpose of the Conscious Nurse Project is to explore how to support nurses in embodying holistic self-care by:

  • introducing holistic self-care concepts,
  • teaching how to use a holistic self-assessment tool,
  • teaching basic holistic self-care practices, and
  • developing holistic self-care plans that are personalized.

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