For Employers

The Conscious Nurse Project is an on-line or in-person, mentored, and research-based workshop created to support nurses. On completion of the program, participants will also receive two 30min mentoring sessions to support the successful implementation of their self-care plans. A foundational course, it will introduce basic concepts of holistic health and holistic self-care.

The Conscious Nurse Project’s on-line education experience supports employers struggling support their staff with traditional methods of professional development. Small group sessions are available on site at Sage River Wellness ( on Sundays only ).

This workshop is designed to bring active awareness to all aspects of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It provides practical ways to integrate individualized self-care that supports nurses’ health and practice. These concepts are also introduced to stimulate curiosity and create a foundation for deeper learning.

5 Week

5 one hour sessions of mentored instruction + two 30 minute mentoring sessions after completion.

3 Week

3 one hour sessions of mentored instruction + two 30 minute mentoring sessions after completion.


We offer flexible pricing for corporate groups. You may also wish to support your staff with 1:1 sessions.

Individual class sizes are limited to a maximum of five participants to ensure the highest quality mentored instruction. Have more than five individuals? Want to offer this at your workplace? Not a problem – contact us to discuss flexible options for your group.

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Learning Outcomes

Basic concepts of holistic theory are informed by Margret Newman’s and Sri Aurobindo’s theories of health and consciousness. Nervous system self-regulation is also a theme underpinning the Conscious Nurse Project.


End of Program participant outcomes:

  • demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the concepts of holistic health and holistic self-care
  • utilize a holistically based self-assessment tool
  • identify holistic aspects of Self (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) that require support,
  • utilize 3 basic holistic self-care practices,
  • create an individualized holistic self-care plan,
  • implement and embody an individualized, holistic self-care plan supportive of their personal and work environments, and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their self-care plan, fine-tuning as necessary.

Key Points

The Conscious Nurse Project is an opportunity for nurses to build resilience and for employers to support their nursing staff.

  • Nurses will be supported body, mind, & spirit
  • Nurses will develop individualized holistic self-care plans
  • Classes are recorded for flexibility
  • Post course mentoring is included
  • Practical self-care exercises will be learned
  • Resources for deeper learning are provided
  • Integration of self-care to support nursing practice is discussed
  • A great opportunity for employers to support their nursing staff.

Why the Conscious Nurse Project?

In British Columbia, nurses are bound by their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to support their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health to maintain fitness to practice.


The Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics (2017) defines health as “… a state of complete physical, mental (spiritual), and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease” (p.23). This speaks to the importance of holistic self-care.

Holistic approaches to health acknowledge the existence and interactive relationship between all dimensions of the human experience.

The main objective of the Conscious Nurse Project is to support nurses in embodying holistic self-care by

  • introducing holistic self-care concepts,
  • providing and teaching how to use a holistic self-assessment tool,
  • teaching basic holistic self-care practices,
  • facilitating development of holistic self-care plans that are individualized and effective.